This is how the Leaders fall

I wanna talk about something that I hate.

Something that every Leader experiencing in his life.

It seems that the more successful you are, the more people lie to you. People start thinking that the sun rises and sets on you forehead, that you have bigger eyes than everyone else and you broadcasting mind doesn't need any sincere support.

That's why they don't really tell you the truth about what's going on. Plus being a Leader you can notice that your staff and team-leaders are actually fear you as they wrongly consider you being the keeper of their future.

Thus everyone around tells you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. The more successful you are the more people are no longer or eager to tell you the truth.

This is how the Mighty fall.

We see this saga played out over and over throughout the history.

And it's around us every single day.

So what's the answer to this?

In my leadership experience I went from the mistrust to openness using the 4 steps below. And I can truly say that every time I start with the new team I follow these steps first to create our relationship:

#1 We have to create an environment of trust, environment of vulnerability and openness between us. We have to reduce (if not cancel) this gap between Leader and his team. I always encourage team members to say what they really think, I try to demonstrate (and pay a lot of attention to it) that it's ok to disagree with me, to argue, to debate.

#2 I try to get around people better than me. They let me have the truth about myself and they help me stay vulnerable and be on track.

#3 I have the rule - if I have done something wrong I send excuses. In that case faith and trust is increasing (despite the wrong opinion that such vulnerability can harm the leadership)

#4 Every time I try to do my best to stop talking, to listen and to ask questions instead of solving every problem by myself and giving ready-made solution. People are willing to go the extra mile, because they know their opinions are valued.

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